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Depth of focus. It’s a common term in photography with a simple definition: the measurement of the focus area within an image, from the nearest focus point to the furthest focus point. On paper, this seems easy enough — and there are plenty of talented photographers who excel at achieving depth of focus in literal practicality. Having the ability to capture the true depth of a moment, the true depth of natural emotion and feeling, however, requires something more: vision.


As a lifestyle photographer, I capture life’s moments and the art of the everyday by identifying the essence of what makes each situation special, and taking the right shots at the right time. Creating a comfortable environment and interacting with families — particularly with children — is the only way to capture real-life emotions that are free from the intimidation or nervousness that oftentimes comes from being in front of a camera. Your special moments deserve more than simply to be captured; they deserve life. That’s why I don't just capture actual depth of focus, I capture the real-life depth that defines who you are.

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