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Little Fishies in a Big, Big Sea | Stuart, FL Family Photographer

This session was so much fun! Why? Because I shared it with two other beautiful and talented photographers, Lisa Glam and Rachelina Marshall. You see, in this industry, it is easy to be petty and competitive. These kind of relationships only bring you down.

They take away from beauty and creativity. So, if you are new to photography or to owning your own business, try to find the diamond in the rough…Find the unique souls that will build you up, encourage you, and even hold your hand when it seems like the rest of the world is against you! The sea is huge! There is plenty of room for all of us little fishies! And embrace each and every moment that you are lucky enough to do what you love! Keep growing!

​Here are some images I was able to capture in this unique field of sunflowers in West Palm Beach County. Others can be found in my portfolio.

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