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Always Aim High! | Stuart, FL Child Photographer

I started my portrait business a little over two years ago and immediately fell in love! As a business owner, I am constantly trying to make my business the best it can be. There is so much time that goes behind the scenes that is un-noticed by most people. I always have a list of challenges that I am ready to tackle and achievements that I am aiming for. These spoken goals are both small and big and involve just myself or my peers.

Upon the conclusion of this summer, I decided that I would apply to be a member of an exclusive photography community where I can continue my growth in this field that I am so passionate about. So, I took another leap, (nothing to lose, I said) and applied to NAPCP (National Association of Professional Children Photographers). This is a member-based association that represents chosen photographers and provides exclusive opportunities to its members. NAPCP also connects families all over our nation with photographers in their area to capture their precious moments. And… Friday before our long Labor Day weekend I received notification of my ACCEPTANCE!

My Friday afternoon went something like this: I had just strapped my two boys in the car after our “promised” trip to Target after school. (Anyone with kids understands that this trip is in itself EXHAUSTING!) I took a deep breath and started to ponder about what to make for dinner for my family. And before pulling out of the parking lot, I checked my phone one more time for my “anticipated” email. I screeched with excitement!! My boys started screaming following my lead and my phone rang and I shared my special news with my mother, who chimed in with the three of us in excitement!

“NAPCP members are expected to reflect exceptional skills in photography, originality and creativity, while promoting the honesty and spirit of those they capture. NAPCP members should uphold the highest ethics and integrity within their business practices.” I am so honored to be a part of this group of talented photographers!

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