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Irmageddon! | Stuart, FL Family Photographer

What a week! Yep, I’m a South Floridian! Normal life, if there is such a thing with boys ages 4 and 6, has come to a screeching halt. To blame? I-R-M-A!!!!

I left with my boys and Mother-in-law to VA Thursday. A normal drive would be about 11.5 hours. Our evacuation was 17 hours! My boys? Angels! I feel like God really does speak to children during scary times. As much as I tried to shelter and hide my fright from my children as we kissed Daddy goodbye at 4am, I cried as I carried them down our brand-new staircase in our brand-new home. It all sounds trivial…the material aspects of it all… and if that’s what was bringing tears to my eyes, it would be! However, I thought about our first Christmas in our new home only 9 months ago. I thought about all the envisioned dreams we have for years to come with our boys in this new home. I prayed that Daddy would stay safe and continue to be our boys “super hero, role model, fishing captain, boat captain, and my best friend”. It’s never easy to leave!

I decided that the best way to feed this worrying soul is to dive into my hobby! How do you do that when you are miles away from home? SIMPE AS PIE!! And actually, very exciting! Scout with my boys!

And that’s exactly what we did! First stop, Ice Cream parlor in downtown, Clarksville, VA, The Cottage Barn. The following images will document our “Irma” journey. I decided to embrace all our current blessings: our children who are healthy and safe, my marriage to a Godly man and father (aka my best friend in this world), our family and friends that have extended their praying hands our way and the fact that we even have a home and places of refuge should we lose our own. EVERY DAY… That’s my motto for the rest of this journey… I can’t wait to share a few of our blessings with you all! And I hope you will join me in recognizing them all!

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