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SOOC and Final Image | Stuart, FL Child Photographer

This image is one of my favorites taken of Gabriel and his dog, Buster in Delray Beach, FL on a very warm September afternoon last year, 2016. I show this image to enlighten others with my vision and how I go about capturing it and then bringing it to fruition. A lot goes on behind the scenes. In this particular image, I wanted it to appear as though it was an early brisk, winter, FL evening. I focused on Gabriel's eyes and the texture of the image... the fur of Buster, the softness of his hair, his fuzzy pajama pants and the comfortable grass bed. The background is prevalent in the original image but as you can see in the final image, the background is a canvas that only brings Gabriel to the forefront. And VOILA, my vision is ALIVE!

Straight out of the camera

Final Image

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