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Have You Sprinked Your Fairy Dust Today? | Stuart, FL Child Photographer

Life's a Dance! Two happy souls twirling without a care in the world and the internal excitement and anticipation of the tooth fairy brings this dance, shimmy, journey to life! Childhood magic in RAW form!

This is the "realness" that drives my passion in photography. Images don't need to be posed to make a good photograph. In fact, I believe that the best images are those that are un-posed, where natural personalities shine. Memories are created and documented to last forever. These type of images are the ones that serve as "artwork" in my client's homes. They induce an automatic smile, mood, place and time.

If you would like a unique artsy image of your "true, real" family, let's shoot! Lets' have some FUN! And yes, believe it or not, I just said FUN!!! It's not as grueling as awkward posing. It's simply spending some time with the ones you love most, living, being, and allowing me to witness all the REAL BEAUTY!!

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