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This Wild Ride | Stuart, FL Family Photographer

Photo taken by my up and coming Elijah!

I’m Kristi... K-R-I-S-T-I. (Rarely spelled correctly ☺️) When I meet another, we have an instant bond! I like my coffee piping hot, my eggs well done and my steak Pittsburgh style. Born and raised in Raleigh, NC with my younger brother by our loving parents. In 2003, God brought my best friend into my life and in 2008, he became my husband! Living in Stuart, FL now and raising two WILD BOYS! Sometimes I pinch myself to see if this is all a dream! I never imagined “this” being so good! This 4 seater roller coaster ride of life! I’m a people person. It’s embarrassing to admit that when I’m home alone, I talk out loud thinking to myself. I love a “hometown” feel way of life. I try to remember names of workers at the local markets and advocate local small businesses! I consider myself a loyal friend with an open door heart! If you ask me how I got to where I am today... my answer will always start with THE ONE ALMIGHTY! I’m a neat freak with three boys under one roof (oxymoron), an interior design enthusiast, an artist and a complete GOOFBALL!! I laugh alot! Mostly at myself...I hope that this picture above (taken by Elijah) is a forever example of what my children see me as "through their eyes".

And that brings us to photography: KIDS LOVE GOOFBALLS! And I LOVE kids! When those distinct chuckles and grins are captured to last a lifetime, it makes me all giddy inside. ☺️ So, now it’s your turn... tell me something about yourself! I want to know who else is riding the roller coaster! Join my exclusive list for promos, casting calls and more... link is in bio.

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