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It's rolling in... | Stuart, FL Child Photographer

For us Floridians, you know exactly what I am talking about! A COLD FRONT! Temperatures in the 60s, windows open, air conditioning off, fans a blowing, and camp fires burning after dinner under the stars. Popsicle excursions outside on the porch will be a dismissal until the summer once again and s'mores and hot coco by the fire pit glow will be our new treats! These are the days we long for! And so do many others...aka "snow birds". Here they come!

This is yet another reminder that we live in a beautiful spot! We are so excited to kick off year two in Stuart! We couldn't be happier! Small town feel and a friendly smile all around!

For those of you reading this post who are not living in FL, come for a visit! This is the perfect time of year! I hope you are all enjoying this season in your lives. I look forward to seeing all the kiddos in costume in few days! All that JOY and SUGAR!!!

What will be the most popular costume of the year? Share your favorite below. Be safe and ENJOY!


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