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KISS!! They May be Watching! | Stuart, FL | Family Photographer

I’m so happy and proud to say that I grew up in a home with parents that kissed in passing, love tapped each other and cuddled! ( I even recall Sat. Mornings when I was locked out of entering the master bedroom 🙈). Guess what?! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I witnessed LOVE! I want my boys to say the same! I want them to see me and Daddy flirt, embrace, kiss, dance, etc. Why? Because I want Elijah and Gabriel to want desire and pray for what we have! I want them to dream of their future wife and mother to their children! I want them to admire John and strive to be like him as a husband, as a best friend and as a father! in There is no better way to encourage them than to live our lives as an example. LOVE needs to be present every day! Hug, Kiss, Dance, Joke, Sing...Show the World your loving and real connections! These connections are gifts from our Heavenly Father and should not be kept behind closed doors! Teach the world to LOVE again a little bit at a time!

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