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And the gift is... | Stuart, FL | Family Photography

This is by far the most unique gift reveal of the season. As with all of my sessions, location is customized to my families' overall vision of each particular session. This location was chosen because the recipient of the mysterious gift is a musician often featured here. Throughout our hour together, artistry and wonder were encouraged. The girls were delightfully playful and twirled and spun and laughed and giggled.

And then the "golden gem" was unveiled! All three girls were so excited and animated at the mere thought of gifting this vintage guitar to the most important man in their lives...Daddy and Her Groom!

(I say “Groom” because “Bride” and “Groom” embrace romance! And the titles hold true FOREVER!)

Go ahead and give it a try on your own. It will make your bride or groom blush!

And fast forward to the day that the gift was revealed: Dad was presented with a custom made signature album highlighting his two beautiful daughters and his bride. As he flipped the pages, the other gift was revealed. The operation was a success! He was so SURPRISED!

A lot of thought was put into this gift and I tell this story because it portrays thoughtfulness, love, and connection. But the true treasure in all of this is the enormous amount of L❤️ve that makes this family ONE!

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