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A Different Take on the New Addition | Stuart, FL | Newborn Photography

The thought that newborn babies should be photographed posed, sleeping and at peace is very common. In fact, I believe the art of depiction is a true talent. However, my approach to newborns is a little different. In my portrait world, I prefer to capture "moments" and likewise during a newborn session. The session takes place in the intimate setting of the babies new home with his/her new family. My goal is to capture details: tiny fingers and toes, saggy baby skin, puckered lips, delicate eyelashes and even open eyes. Then the loving embrace with parents and siblings... These images will be the ones that our newborn baby will look back on and realize that yes, they were actually small enough to fit in their father's palms and yes there was a time when he/she was the smallest brother/sister in the house. I capture beauty, connection, frozen time and delicacy.

If you have any questions about my newborn approach, please feel free to comment below. I promise to get back with you. To schedule your lifestyle newborn session, email me at or call me at 561.322.5525. I'm thrilled to be a part of this new beginning!

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